Welcome Home

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Abstract painting

Dimensions: 16 x 12 inches (406 x 305mm)


  • Acrylic paints 

Stretched canvas:

  • This is a very chunky, 1.5 inch deep canvas. (38 mm). The edges are painted black. 


This painting was a celebration of the end of the pandemic restrictions and the beginning of a return to normality. I painted it after a long overdue visit to South Wales, exploring the rivers and woodlands, it felt like returning home after having been away for a very long time. I have visited the Brecon Beacons in South Wales regularly for the past twenty years or more, kayaking the white water rivers, exploring caves and wild camping in the forests. 

Welcome Home was painted with acrylic paints using pallet knives and other mark making tools and was an emotional reaction to seeing the rivers, mountains and woodlands of South Wales again :-)  


Buying original art

The beauty and power of an original painting can never be overstated. It has the potential to conjure feelings of relaxation and well-being like no other medium can. Paintings bring life and colour to any home or office setting and are a great way to add character to any space.

Signed and certified authentic

This painting has been signed on both the front and the back and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

Ready to hang

Two 'D' rings have been fitted to the back of this painting, it has been strung and is ready to hang.

Caring for your painting

This painting has been given two coats of varnish to protect it from environmental pollutants, UV light and to make cleaning dust off it easier. But, just like any piece of fine art, do not display or store your painting in direct sunlight or in a damp environment because this will harm it.

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If you like this painting but do not wish to purchase the original, then limited edition prints are available to purchase. 

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