In some ways, my Abstract Sketches are like pages from a sketchbook, although many are on small pieces of wood or canvas board. They are “working drawings and paintings” that give me the opportunity to play with different techniques, styles, materials and colours. Sometimes I create them to test a specific composition for a much larger piece of work that I am planning. Others are pure experimentation or a reaction to a place I have been, something I have seen or experienced, a mood I wanted to convey, or were simply fun to paint.

I am offering my Abstract Sketches as an insight into my working process, and to give you the opportunity to own a little piece of original art at a very affordable price.

If you are new to collecting art, here is a great place to start; they also make unique presents. 🥰

Abstract Sketches

The Lake's Song
Regular price£30.00
Reflective Sparkle
Regular price£25.00
Heated Emotions
Regular price£55.00
Roaring Atmosphere
Regular price£55.00
The Red Journey (sold)
Regular price£55.00
Regular price£55.00
Reflection of Abstract
Regular price£55.00
Frozen Forest
Regular price£55.00
Regular price£55.00
Vibrant Voyage
Regular price£40.00
Liquid Mirror
Regular price£25.00
Heaven's Dreamscape
Regular price£59.00
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