This collection of paintings is my abstract interpretation of spring bursting into life, as the cold greyness of winter fades away.

Meandering brooks flow through vibrant woodlands teeming with fresh life; verdant foliage and the soft colours and shapes of wildflowers peeking through the undergrowth. Streams flow peacefully through these landscapes reflecting the sky, clouds, and delicate foliage; while others rush energetically, tumbling over rocks and crashing into a frenzy of spray.

Through abstract painting, I strive to capture the vibrant interaction between nature, water and the wonderful light that springtime brings. My paintings are joyful, vivid, and full of optimism.

Elemental was exhibited at the Chelsea Gallery, Kings Road, London from the 5th to the 17th of March 2024. Learn more about the exhibition.


Total Immersion
Regular price£1,280.00
Warm Undercurrents
Regular price£1,280.00
Diving into the Water Garden
Regular price£1,280.00
Inside the Hidden Pond
Regular price£1,280.00
Joy Below the Surface
Regular price£1,280.00
Whispering Waters
Regular price£1,280.00
Inviting Spring
Regular price£295.00
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