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Annette Price

Abstract artist


My Process

My process often begins by collecting material from riverbanks: gravel, sand, leaves and twigs and embedding these elements into my paintings. This adds texture and depth to the painting, but more importantly, it creates a connection with that space where water and land meet.

To embed the above items, I mix the sand and gravel with acrylic paint and sometimes texture paste too and apply them with a pallet knife. Leaves are dried and pressed for several weeks before adding to a painting by pressing them into wet acrylic paint. Once dry, the leaves are given at least two additional coats of paint completely sealing them, so they become forms, shapes and textures within the painting.

I often use fluid acrylics to represent water, as well as resin and high gloss varnish, these contrast with the mat 'land' areas of the paintings.

Materials and Techniques

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Artist Statement and Biography

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