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Annette Price

Annette Price

I am an abstract artist who finds inspiration in the fluid and dynamic nature of water. I am intrigued by the way it moves and interacts with its environment, reflecting light and intertwining with plants and the lives of people. I appreciate that water plays a vital role in sustaining life, and am fascinated by the way it can change its form depending on temperature, gradient, and surroundings.

To depict the beauty and ever changing qualities of water in various environments, I employ methods such as palette knife painting, pouring, dripping, and splattering paint on the canvas. I work with syringes, pastels, watercolours, acrylics, and various mixed-media. With these techniques and media, I aim to create a collection of marks, layers and forms that express the dynamic flow and transformative qualities of water.

I began my career as an illustrator achieving a BA (Hons) degree from Kingston University. After a few years I transitioned to photography, focusing on capturing water; from rivers and streams, watersports, and wild landscapes to beneath its waves. I have now expanded my passion for water into abstract painting and take joy in seeing others appreciate my artwork and using it to enhance their living spaces. I believe that art should be accessible to everyone and I hope that my work brings joy to those who see it. 

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BA (Hons) Illustration and graphic design (Kingston University)
The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST)
Recent Exhibitions, Art Fairs and Markets
The River Within – London. A solo exhibition at the Riverside Gallery, Richmond-Upon-Thames, UK. 2019. The River Within Exhibition

Parallax Art Fair (London) 2022

Spitalfields Arts Market (London) 2022

Professional Memberships
Premium Membership of the Visual Artists Association (VAA)

Professional membership of the Society for All Artists (SAA)

Membership of  a-n The Artists Information Company(SAA)


My artistic career began as an illustrator during the 1980s. The biggest illustration I was commissioned to paint was a 22 x 9 foot painting on canvas, which was used as a backdrop in a car advertisement.

Although I loved illustration, after a couple of years I turned to my other creative love, photography, and worked as an editorial photographer for many years. My photographs were featured in various publications, including the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, BBC Focus Magazine, the photographic press etc. 

My photography specialised in the beauty of water and its interaction with people and landscapes. This included underwater portraiture, watersports, such as kayaking and diving, rivers and caves, in the UK and abroad. My experiences as a photographer are now inspiring and influencing my abstract painting. 

Why did I begin painting abstracts?

It began with the pandemic. 

In 2020, I faced a setback when two photography exhibitions were cancelled and I lost commissioned work. However, I used this as an opportunity to rekindle my passion for drawing. I started with small creatures and plants, which quickly transitioned into science-fiction illustration, this had been my main interest at art school. This led me to explore factual generating software and experiment with total abstraction. 

My aim became to create paintings that would bring joy and colour into peoples lives. Initially, I drew inspiration from the natural world but gradually evolved into a fluid style with a focus on water, similar to my photography work.

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