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Contemporary Abstract Painting

Exploring the dynamic interaction of water, nature and light through abstract painting.

I am a London-based abstract artist who finds inspiration in the fluid and dynamic nature of water.  I find myself drawn to its enigmatic beauty.  The way water gracefully interacts with the landscape, dissolving and reshaping the soil, silt, and rocks it flows over, changing their  very essence. Its shimmering surface mirroring light in a delicate dance with its surroundings, whether reflecting trees and sky  in a rural stream or  the bustling energy of a city at night within a small puddle. 

Yet, beneath its surface lies another story,  an entirely different ecosystem, teeming with fish, aquatic flora, and a multitude of tiny water insects.

My Abstract paintings are an emotional reaction inspired by many years of combining kayaking and diving with photography.  Through kayaking in particular, I  have been privileged to visit wild, wet places, rivers, and seas, even canals both above and below, and have witnessed their awesome beauty and power.

My aim  is to capture what water means to me, through mixed-media abstract painting.

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Elemental Collection

These paintings were recently exhibited at the Elemental Exhibition, Chelsea Gallery, Kings Road, London.

Total Immersion
Regular price£1,280.00
Warm Undercurrents
Regular price£1,280.00
Diving into the Water Garden
Regular price£1,280.00
Inside the Hidden Pond
Regular price£1,280.00
Joy Below the Surface
Regular price£1,280.00
Whispering Waters
Regular price£1,280.00
Inviting Spring
Regular price£295.00





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