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335 Daily Abstracts. A daily dab of chromatic chaos.

335 Daily Abstracts. A daily dab of chromatic chaos.

335 Daily Abstracts. A daily dab of chromatic chaos.

Summer Sands


335 Daily Abstracts

Why paint Daily Abstracts?

On this day last year, I challenged myself to create one hundred abstract paintings in 100 days. On January 1st 2022, I began posting these abstract paintings to a blog called The Daily Abstract. I have so far posted one painting every day throughout the whole of 2022.

It is a great discipline and a constant opportunity to explore different artistic techniques, materials, and to experiment with new ideas and themes.

What Materials am I using?

Most of the paintings are painted on either wood or watercolour paper using acrylic paints and different mixed-media from pens, pastels, inks and watercolour paints to less conventional materials such as plaster of Paris, fern leaves and other found objects.

What is my Daily Inspiration?

These paintings are a daily dab of colourful escapism and chromatic chaos. My paintbrushes and pallet knives often dance to a musical beat and I love listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers while painting. Memories and photos of wild places inspire my paintings, in particular; water. But many are simply abstract brushstrokes of joy.

How many paintings have been created so far?

Well, since January 1st, I have now posted 335 Daily Abstract paintings….

Check out The Daily Abstract blog to see the development of different ideas, styles and techniques over the past 11 months. The Daily Abstract.


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