Buying original art

The beauty and power of owning original paintings can never be overstated. They have the potential to conjure feelings of relaxation and well-being like no other medium can. Paintings bring life and colour to any home or office setting and are a great way to add character to any space.

Signed and certified authentic

These paintings have been signed on both the front and the back and come with a certificate of authenticity. 

Ready to hang

Two 'D' rings have been fitted to the back of each painting, they have been strung and are ready to hang.


The Optimist
Regular price£250.00
Electric Sunburst
Regular price£250.00
Endless Shorelines
Regular price£309.00
Incite Intrigue
Regular price£282.00
Spectrum Surge
Regular price£148.00
Reflecting Time
Regular price£828.00
Mermaid’s Tears
Regular price£250.00
Vibrant Passion
Regular price£282.00
The Alluring Riddle
Regular price£282.00
Inside the Hidden Pond
Regular price£1,280.00
Diving into the Water Garden
Regular price£1,280.00
Total Immersion
Regular price£1,280.00
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