The Race to Complete 30 Artworks in 30 days.

The Race to Complete 30 Artworks in 30 days.

Brushes and pallet at the Ready

The Race to Complete 30 Artworks in  30 days

I'm excited to share that in April, I will be embarking on an exciting artistic journey with the 30 Works 30 Days challenge hosted by Artquest. The challenge is simple - to create a new artwork every day throughout April and showcase it on the Artquest website.

Each morning, I will receive a brief via email for that day's creation, and my task is to complete, photograph, and upload my painting before midnight to stay in the challenge!  Miss a day and I’ll be kicked off the project…

This challenge will push me to think fast, explore new ideas, and broaden my creative horizons. These daily artworks will be small paintings that could take anywhere from an hour to most of the day depending on my schedule. I can hardly wait to dive in!

Get ready to snag these paintings for your own collection, as the best ones will be available to purchase just one week after the project wraps up!

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