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Pi Gifts

Pi Gifts

Here are some really cool gifts for the Pi lover.

Pi Mugs Enjoy your morning coffee or tea in these beautiful mugs celebrating the mathematical phenomena known as pi. 

The tote bag is the perfect way to show your love of math while looking stylish at the same time!  Its colourful pi art print also makes it the perfect present for the scientist, mathematician, or for those who simply love eating pie!   

The product designs include a beautiful fractal pattern, which is a lovely example of math art. You can learn more about fractal math art here

These Pi Gifts are totally unique as they were designed by me and so you won’t find them sold by anyone else, that makes them very unique and special :-)


So what is pi?

For the non-mathematician or scientist reading this, you may be wondering what pi is.
Well, pi is a number that is used to measure circles. It is the circumference of a circle divided by the diameter. This number is always the same, no matter what size the circle is. You can find pi by using a calculator, or you can remember it as 3.14….. (3.14 is a rounded number as pi continues to infinity).

Here are some fun facts about pi:

Pi is the only number that has its own holiday. Yep, International Pi Day is March 14th (3.14 - get it).

Pi Day is also Albert Einstein‘s birthday

And Pi Day is becoming a traditionally joyful occasion within the food industry too, with many eateries featuring pie as Pi Day specials. Yum.




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