The Daily Abstract

These abstracts are small paintings that I create to experiment with different ideas, techniques and materials. They are a visual diary of abstract ideas which I hope you will enjoy.

Ephemeral Horizons

Ephemeral Horizons

Ephemeral Horizons

Mixed media;

  • Acrylic paints
  • House paint
  • Washing up liquid
  • Wood base approx. 13cm x 25cm  

For today's painting, I wanted to create a calm yet intricate image.  I used white paint, mixed with a little water and a couple of drops of neat fairy washing up liquid, which I then covered the board with, spreading it with a palette knife. The washing up liquid breaks down the surface tension of the paints and helps them to flow into each other. 

Pouring straight out of the bottles, I then drew some lines using pouring acrylic paints; black, electric plum purple and bronze. I then used a wide tooth comb to draw a pattern of lines around the board.

To soften and spread the paint, I blew into it in places and left the paint alone in others. The Fairy washing up liquid does seem to have created more interesting marks especially noticeable in the lines created by the comb.

Check back tomorrow for another painting.....



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