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Daily abstract paintings posted throughout 2022

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The Daily Abstract began on the 1st January 2022. The little paintings that I posted daily to this blog, during 2022, were mostly mixed media with a few digital paintings towards the end of the year. They gave me the opportunity to play with different techniques, styles, materials and colours.

Sometimes I created the paintings to test a specific composition for a much larger piece of work that I was planning. Others were pure experimentation, or a reaction to a place I had been, something I had seen or experienced, perhaps a mood I wanted to convey, or were simply fun to paint.

By the 31st December 2022, I had posted 365 abstracts, one a day for a year.

I hope you enjoy looking through the paintings on The Daily Abstract. Please use the archive links below to look at each month’s paintings or the search bar.

Future abstract paintings will be posted on my Journal.


Celestial Orbit

Celestial Orbit

Celestial Orbit

Digital painting

The night sky has long held a fascination for humanity, offering us a glimpse of the cosmos and its mysterious secrets. From the time of the cave dwellers to the present day, we have pondered and speculated about what lies beyond our planet. Celestial Orbit is a digital painting, and while creating it I was inspired by thoughts of other worldly places.

Check back tomorrow for another painting. 




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