Welcome to Annette Price Art

Welcome to Annette Price Art

Welcome to Annette Price Art

I am really excited that you are here checking out this blog. You see I am a visual artist and have created this website to show you the work that I create. I am here to provide wall art for interior designers and decorators including bespoke work.  Also Art gifts and accessories for anyone who loves beautiful things to give as gifts or treat themselves with.

But I also want to create a website that is beautiful and interesting to look at. Over the next few months I will be blogging about how I create some of the work, and I would love to see your work and hear from you if you are also painting or creating abstract images.  

I adore colours, shapes and textures. Water, trees, sky; they all inspire me. I just can’t help creating images and that can be with a camera, a paintbrush or by drawing onto a computer screen.

So far all the work on this website has been created digitally by drawing directly onto a computer screen or tablet or working with fractal generating software. Fractals are enchanting, both natural and mathematically created - see the image above it was created using fractals. But I do also love painting, drawing, collage and photography too and as this website grows and I get more work onto it, all of these elements will be woven into the work shown here.

Apart from my partner, I have two great loves in life; making images and exploring the great outdoors, particularly kayaking. The closer I get to the water and interact with it the happier I am :-)

What to expect from this website

Over the next few months the work I create will become more diverse and will include painting, collage and photography. I will also increase the range of products and accessories available too.

About the prints and products I create

All the prints and products that you order from this website are made by a professional lab using the highest quality materials and printing techniques. At the moment there aren't any original paintings for sale, but in time I will be adding them too. 

I am based in London UK, but can ship artwork and products to most countries worldwide.

Enjoy this website and do get in touch if you'd like to know more - I would really like to hear from you and learn about your interests in art. 


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