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Whispering Brook

Whispering Brook

Whispering Brook


  • Acrylic paints
  • Chalk pastels
  • Sand
  • AB rhinestones
  • Stretched canvas 5 x 4 x 1.5 inches (12.7 x 10.2 x 3.8 cm) 


This painting was inspired by a woodland lake in Berkshire. It is an abstract interpretation of the colours and shapes that I found reflecting in the water during a late afternoon visit. The painting is a vibrant and cheerful exploration of those colours, fusing an array of soft hues with strong colours and playful marks. It has tiny AB rhinestones embedded into the paint, which were inspired by the sparkle of the water on the lake.


Techniques and materials

I began working on this small canvas by painting it white with acrylic paint. The paint had been pre-mixed with sand that I had collected from the woodlands to add texture to the surface, as seen in the photo below. After the paint had dried, I rubbed coloured chalk pastels into the surface to start building the composition and create a coloured base to work on. 


Bubblegum Joy. Here the canvas has been painted with white acrylic paint mixed with sand to create texture. Once it was dry, purple chalk pastel was painted onto it.

Whispering Brook. Here the canvas has been painted with white acrylic paint mixed with sand to create texture. Once it was dry, purple chalk pastel was drawn and then rubbed into it. 


Bubblegum Joy. More pastel colours have now been added.

Whispering Brook. More pastel colours have now been added. 


After spraying the canvas with a pastel fixative to prevent the pastel colours from smudging, I used a pallet knife to add acrylic paint. Red, blue and warm pinks, oranges, and yellows; sliding the pallet knife over the sandy texture and painting lines with the edge of the pallet knife. I worked with several differently shaped pallet knives to create variety in the marks made. 

While the paint was still wet, I carefully embedded small AB rhinestones, which sparkle very subtly as the painting is viewed from different angles. 

 Bubblegum Joy. The finished painting.

Whispering Brook. The finished painting.


You will see from the photographs that the painting has four office push pins, pushed into the underside of the painting, one in each corner.  These pins form 'feet' that the painting stands on while I am working on it. I can slip my fingers underneath the painting to pick it up while the sides are still wet, without damaging it. The pins are still in place as I haven't varnished this painting yet. The varnish will protect the paint and the rhinestones, making it easy to dust and clean the painting while adding a very subtle sheen. 


Bubblegum Joy. Here you can see the push pins that I am using to make handling the wet painting easier..

Whispering Brook. Here you can see the push pins that I use to form 'feet' that the painting can stand on while I'm working on it. This makes the painting easier to handle while the paint is wet. 


 Bubblegum Joy. View from above of the finished canvas painting.

Whispering Brook. View from above of the finished canvas painting. 


Whispering Brook is a tiny jewel-like acrylic and pastel painting on canvas that I hope will capture your imagination and lift your spirits. Enjoy :-)




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