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The Alluring Riddle

The Alluring Riddle

The Alluring Riddle

Mixed Media abstract painting


  • Acrylic paints
  • Chalk pastels
  • AB rhinestones
  • Stretched canvas 16 x 12 inches (406 x 305mm)

The Alluring Riddle is a chaotic, yet playful mixed-media abstract painting. I wanted to create a painting that was bright, lively, colourful and uplifting, that would bring joy to anyone who looked at it; an antidote to the doom and gloom that’s currently in the news. Creating abstract art can be both a freeing and challenging experience and this one was no exception.

To begin work on this painting, I initially mapped out the basic composition and colours using chalk pastels straight onto the stretched canvas. I used curving lines to guide the eye to a meeting point that was off-centre to help convey a feeling of movement.

The Alluring Riddle. First steps - mapping out the basic composition and colour scheme in pastel.

The Alluring Riddle. First steps - mapping out the basic composition and colour scheme in pastel.


I then used a pallet knife to paint over the pastels with acrylic paints, sliding the knife over neighbouring colours to soften the edges, and make for a more interesting transition from one colour to another.

Acrylic paints have been added to the painting.

The Alluring Riddle. Acrylic paint has been applied with a pallet knife


To start linking the different areas together and break up the flat blocks of colour, I used differently shaped pallet knives to add a variety of marks to the painting.  

Pallet knife marks added to the painting.

The Alluring Riddle. Marks were made using a selection of palette knives.

As I wanted to create a playful painting I decided to add pouring acrylics in strong colours, applying them as layers of thin lines and dots. 

The use of pouring acrylics has become an art form in its own right that has gained popularity over the past few years. It involves mixing acrylic paints with a pouring medium, before applying the paints to the canvas creating a marbled effect. You can see a few examples of paintings that I have created using these techniques here.  

But  instead of pouring the acrylics directly onto the canvas, which is the normal way of using these paints, I added small amounts of different colours to a syringe, layering the different coloured paints on top of each other. It took a firm pressure on the syringe to get the paint to travel through the needle, but I was able to draw lines and dots on the canvas. By applying a little less pressure to the syringe I can create dots and with more pressure I can create lines. 

If you look at the close-ups of the painting below, you will see that within some of the lines there are marbled colours (click on the pictures to enlarge them). This has happened because the pigments within the acrylic paints have different densities and weights so some sink while others rise to the surface, creating the intricate marbling you see here.

The viewer who looks at this picture from the other side of a room won’t see this, but when viewed close-up the viewer will be rewarded with unexpected and intriguing detail.

I like to reward the viewer who takes a closer look at a painting 😉.


To complete the painting, I added a few small AB rhinestones, which sparkle subtly as the painting is viewed from different angles. 

Below is the finished painting. I will give it two coats of a semi-gloss varnish, which will protect the painting, make it easy to clean and will add a soft sheen. 

The Alluring Riddle. Abstract painting by Annette Price.


The Alluring Riddle. Abstract painting.


I hope you enjoy this painting.




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