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Expressions of Duality

Expressions of Duality

Expressions of Duality

Digital painting

  • Vector graphics
  • Fractal art 

Today’s abstract is a celebration of two eyes and our ability to see. 

You see in 2018 I had four operations for a detached retina in my right eye, which, for a few months, left me with very strange vision in that eye.  In fact my vision was so strange that I called it my Salvador Dali eye, that might give you a little insight! By the time Moorfields Eye Hospital had finished operating on me, my vision in that eye was much better, but far from good, it did gradually get better with time though. 

Yesterday I went to Moorefields Eye Hospital for a check up and for the first time since my detached retina, my eye test showed that the vision in my right eye now matches the good eye. In other words, my vision is normal again 🥳🎉

It is so easy to take our vision for granted until something goes wrong with it. Thanks to Moorfields hospital I’ve still got mine 🙏 🥰

When my retina became detached I didn’t have any symptoms that I was aware of until my eye was in a really bad place, I was unlucky as most people do get symptoms.  Symptoms are sometimes experienced as flashing lights (often purple and white). Other symptoms include loss of vision at the top or bottom of your field of view, which is just black, but when looking through both eyes we don’t see it as our brains fill in the missing information, as mine did.

If you suspect any problem with your vision get it checked out immediately - it might save your sight…. 





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